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Shelf Wobblers – Shouting for Attention (and Getting It)

Businesses with products that sit on the supermarket shelf know all too well of the challenge of standing out, and this timeless problem is one that could be tackled with the help of the humble shelf wobbler.

Shelf Wobblers – A Brief Overview

The shop aisle – a place where 80% of purchasing decisions are made – just how are you going to make it your product that’s picked up? “Stop right there and buy me!” That’s what your shelf wobbler should be shouting at those passing by.

Shelf wobblers (also known as shelf talkers, shelf danglers or shelf edge strips) should be created with a single purpose in mind – to grab attention. These simple printed materials can boost product sales, channel customers online and drive home brand messaging.

Typically used when a product is being promoted at the point of purchase, shelf wobblers tend to be created from tough, rigid PVC, while the clear, flexible PVC arm leads to a robust self-adhesive pad for sticking to the shelf or counter edge.

Shelf Wobblers: Simple and Succinct or Complex Contours and Design?

Shelf wobblers can be circular, square or a bespoke shape; choosing between these options tends to rely on the information being presented on them. If you have a relatively significant amount of text to include, a simple design can help avoid an uncluttered look, while a bespoke shape can prove more eye catching if you’re working with a compact message.

Printing pro tip: A simple hack to avoid over cluttering your shelf wobbler is to use a smartphone scannable QR code. This can be used for driving your potential customers online – which may be especially useful if you have a competition running.

Shelf Wobbler Uses: Top Seven Countdown

  1. Promoting a competition
  2. Sending a seasonal message, such as a snowman wishing passers-by “Merry Christmas”
  3. Promoting a limited-edition product or limited time only sale
  4. Presenting key product features or USPs
  5. Reinforcing your brand message or strengthening the message that you solve a particular problem
  6. Promoting a new product
  7. Working alongside in-store displays, such as posters and counter display units

Shelf wobblers can work wonders in the shop aisles – pushing products, driving customers online and boosting brand messaging – all of this, achieved by a few square centimetres of PVC. Impressive stuff.

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