Which wobbler arm style should you go for?

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At ShelfWobblers.co.uk, you’re free to customise your print order with a range of different arm styles to choose from; but if you’ve never printed point of sale marketing materials before, you might be a little unsure which one is right for you.

Here’s a quick guide to all the wobbler arm options available; from the standard plastic arm to the more specialist retail variants. Which one will you pick?


The standard no-frills shelf wobbler option. Budget wobbler arms offer a transparent plastic strip which curves and wobbles up and down under its own weight. This arm comes with self-adhesive pads for easy fixing to the shelf edge.

If you’re simply after a low-cost, no-nonsense retail display solution, this is the right option for you.


The integrated option combines the display and the arm into a single piece, so you can print your artwork across the entire length of the arm for maximum visual impact. 

Just like the majority of wobbler arm options in the range, the integrated arm style can be fixed to any surface via the included self-adhesive pads.

These arms are the best option if you’re a stickler for consistent presentation, or if you have a creative artwork idea in mind.

Shelf Edge

Ideal for supermarkets and other stores with data strip shelving; this arm option simply slots into any standard 25mm data strip rail, and can be taken out at the end of your campaign without any irritating sticky residue. 

They can also be easily repositioned with no fuss; great if product stocks change or store layout changes are needed. If you’re a product manufacturer, this option will help you keep your retailers happy as it offers the least fuss to set up and remove.


A more durable and versatile alternative to the standard arm; this style features a medium-soft metal spring with adhesive pads. 

The spring arm doesn’t stick out as far as a typical wobbler arm, but this means you can display it on pretty much any vertical surface - not just shelves!

This one is a good choice for smaller stores with limited aisle space, or for specialist stores which don’t necessarily use traditional retail shelving (such as book shops which use bookcases instead).


The twister arm option ditches wobbliness in favour of a sturdy aluminium strip, which means you can bend it into any position whenever you want. 

It’s a smart choice for placing near the ends to shopping aisles, as you can twist the display card to face towards the customer as they enter the aisle.

Card Holder

This option isn’t really an arm as such; but like the twister option, the shelf edge card holder allows you to display offers and promotions at a 90 degree angle from the shelf edge.

The clear plastic holder clips onto any standard data rail shelf, and the display card simply grips inside the holder; so as customers walk through the shopping aisle, they’ll see your cards before they turn to face either of the shelf racks.

The shelf edge card holder option is great for creating understated, professional shelf displays; ideal if wobbler arms are a little too goofy for your brand positioning. If you’re a retailer, they’re also ideal for helping customers navigate your store.

Still not sure which option is right for you? ShelfWobblers.co.uk can provide a sample of each wobbler arm style on request - simply get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our team on 02380 878030 for more information.

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