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Supermarket shelves are the most common habitat for shelf wobblers - but it’s certainly not the only place they can offer value.

As a tool for commanding customer attention, display wobblers actually have applications in a lot of different retail settings - and since each standard wobbler from is supplied with a self-adhesive tape strip, you can stick them just about anywhere!

Here’s just a few ideas....

Cafe counters and food vans

If you’re a cafe owner or food vendor looking to promote certain menu items or special offers, why not stick a few wobblers to your counter? 

These are especially handy for food vans, where space for signage is pretty limited - your display card can be big and bold while the self-adhesive arm takes up very little space on the counter itself.

Bars, pubs and microbreweries

Whether you’re a bar owner looking to increase your bottom line, or a beverage manufacturer/supplier looking to help market your product to your customers’ customers, custom-printed display wobblers are great for slinging more drinks across the counter.

Draught taps, microbrewery barrels and bar shelves provide great can’t-miss spots for wobblers, where they can offer high-visibility advertising for certain drinks menu items, happy hour offers and more.

Product showrooms

No matter what kinds of products you’re showcasing in your showroom, display wobblers offer a handy way of highlighting product features, options, prices and discount deals.

Running a kitchen/bathroom showroom? Stick a wobbler to your top-selling items in the room to draw the customer’s eye. Running a car dealership showroom? Stick a wobbler to each vehicle’s dashboard and close the deal with customers as they check out the interior.

Petrol stations

Petrol pumps provide a unique opportunity to market to a captive audience; once they’ve started filling up their tank, they’ll be standing and watching the pump display counter go up until it reaches the desired amount.

Make the most of this marketing opportunity by popping a display wobbler on each pump next to the display. They’re super handy for upselling meal deal offers at the counter, driving loyalty card subscriptions, or simply reminding existing cardholders to collect the points on their petrol purchase.

Looking for your own professional-quality, custom-printed display wobblers? Get in touch with the team for a quote today - call 02380 878030 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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Shelf Wobblers - The New Trick For Engaging Marketing

Let’s be honest. There have been a lot of different attempts to find a dynamic form of marketing. Businesses have experimented considerably in the past to find that perfect formula for successful marketing devices, and they have been both incredible successes and tragic failures. 

shelf wobblers science

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They may seem like a simple marketing gimmick, but shelf wobblers are an effective way to grab shoppers’ attention - and it’s all down to the science behind them.

There’s actually a lot more going on with shelf wobblers than meets the eye - or rather, there’s a lot more going on with how they meet the eye.

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At, you’re free to customise your print order with a range of different arm styles to choose from; but if you’ve never printed point of sale marketing materials before, you might be a little unsure which one is right for you.

Horizontal & Vertical Merchandising explained

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Whether you’re running a humble corner shop or a big-name warehouse store, it pays to pay attention to the way you stock and arrange products. Visual merchandising techniques can help to increase the numbers and value of store purchases; either by helping customers find what they’re looking for, or by guiding them to place your most profitable items in their baskets.

a brief overview of shelf wobblers

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Shelf Wobblers – Shouting for Attention (and Getting It)

Businesses with products that sit on the supermarket shelf know all too well of the challenge of standing out, and this timeless problem is one that could be tackled with the help of the humble shelf wobbler.

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